Newbie Guide

If you are relatively new, or even an oldie, to the whole GPT/Survey community, hopefully you can learn something here!

GPT = Get Paid To. Basically, a site where you are paid by doing some sort of action. The action could be doing offers, watching ads or doing tasks.

Surveys = Either done for points or cash, surveys are a good way to build funds. It might seem like hard work at first, doing a $1.50 survey by using 30 minutes of your time, but these add up fast! Plus, you never know if that little survey could lead to a Product Test or a larger survey worth way more!

Offers/ Offer Walls = The various companies that provide the offers for different GPT sites. These are some of the easiest ways to make fast cash (or points).

PT (Product Testing): Paid or Unpaid, Product testing is a ton of fun! I mean, free stuff is always great, right? Usually you do not have to return the Product, but the company may request you to.

HU (Heads Up): Used like "HU! $60 Survey Opportunity @ TruePanel" - Used in short of saying "Look out for-".

BOGO: Buy-One-Get-One-; Sometimes free, sometimes half off. Pretty unanimously used term everywhere.

BB: Bulletin Board. Usually in terms of paid survey bulletin boards. These are fun and a great way to make a bit of money.

PS: Paid Study. Longer than a survey. Length is never the same though. Some PS' could be an hour on the phone, while some could be a month long cosmetics study. Payment obviously varies.

Coup = Coupon.

RP = Red Plum

SS = Smart Source

CB = Cash Back. Many varying programs offer Cash Back. You can find them in list form here:

Ref = Referral. Referrals are a great way on GPT and Survey sites to get extra incentives. Most sites have some sort of payment system in place for those who refer new members.

IWG = Instant Win Games. Try your luck here:

FS = Free Shipping. The icing on top of the cake on a good deal. Some times shipping can ruin an awesome deal. Always look for FS codes!

Code = Coupon Code. Found on varying sites (listed here:), these codes are the bread and butter of awesome deals.

Hope this helps! I'll add more as it is either suggested or I think of it!